Long Leaf

Also known as English tea and Orange Pekoe tea, is full of aroma.

Big Leaf

BOP is a grade of CTC tea that consists of larger particles compared to dust and fannings. It typically includes small, broken tea leaves. BOP produces a full-bodied cup with a robust flavor and is suitable for those who prefer a stronger tea.


Dust is the smallest and finest grade of CTC tea. It consists of tiny granules, almost powder-like in texture. Dust tea brews quickly and produces a strong, robust cup with intense flavor. It is commonly used in tea bags and as a base for tea blends.

Medium Leaf

OF are slightly larger than dust particles but still quite small. They are usually smaller than broken leaf grades and are characterized by their uniformity. OF brew quickly, producing a strong and flavorful cup of tea. They are commonly used in tea bags and blends.

CTC mix

CTC Mix Blend refers to a specific type of tea blend that combines CTC tea particles with other types of tea leaves, such as long leaf tea or orthodox tea. This blending process allows for the creation of a unique flavor profile by combining the robustness of CTC tea with the nuanced flavors and aromas of other tea varieties.

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