Flavoured Tea

Flavoured Tea

Chocolate Tea

We specialize in creating the finest chocolate-flavoured tea that will tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a world of pure indulgence.

Rose Tea

We take great pride in crafting the finest rose-flavored tea that guarantees an exceptional tea-drinking experience.

Elaichi Tea

Our Elaichi Tea is a harmonious fusion of premium quality tea leaves and the subtle, yet distinctive, essence of cardamom


Paan Tea

The flavor of our Paan Flavored Tea is a delightful fusion of the natural tea essence and the distinct paan ingredients

Adrak/Ginger Tea

The aromatic blend offers a harmonious balance of the robust taste of tea and the warm, spicy notes of ginger.

Masala Tea

We have carefully curated a blend that captures the essence of traditional Indian spices, infusing each cup with an explosion of flavors.

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